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Meet the Dev Team: C. Eleri Hamilton
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Author:  admin [ Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Meet the Dev Team: C. Eleri Hamilton

Eleri is a former DRC Liaison, active community member, member of the Mysterium planning committee (having co-chaired several) and a board member of the Falling Man Group. In Myst Online: Uru Live, she ran the well-received role-playing character Echo McKenzie. She is an experienced web designer and artist.

Hi everybuggy! This is Eleri, checking from Unwritten central :) Things are getting exciting around here, as the alpha testing progresses, the layout starts to come together, and all the myriad details start to coalesce into what promises to be an awesome book, yay!

I've been a Myst nerd since the game first came bundled with a new CD drive, 20 years ago (GEEZE!), and I've been beating my head against evil puzzles ever since. I was finally drawn into the greater fan community when Uru arrived, and I've been eyeball deep in it ever since, helping run Mysterium, creating mini events & contests, and now working on Unwritten.

The response to the news of Unwritten from the RPG community has been pretty darn positive, with many people saying "It's about time!". My hope for Unwritten (besides making a product worthy of the Myst IP), is a bridge between the RPG/Gamer fans, and the Myst fans; that long time gamers who have never played any of the Myst games can discover the fantastic worlds D'ni has to offer, and Myst fans who have never played a tabletop RPG can discover how rewarding and dynamic they can be.

It'll be a Journey.

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