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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:50 pm 
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I am in the process of gathering a party that is completely new to the Mystverse, and I think that introducing them to the central concepts (D'ni, linking, etc) in-game would be really cool. Thus, I'm reluctant to give them the Unwritten rulebook to peruse, as it'll spoil that whole part of the story.

Can I point them in the direction of a generic FATE rulebook, and assume that they can pick up enough from that to understand what's going on in Unwritten?

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:51 am 

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They should be able to pick up Fate Core and use it to to get them through Unwritten just fine. The majority of the rules come from Fate Core directly.

Unwritten has a few modifications to the Fate Core rules, but they are relatively minor. Honestly, you can play Unwritten or any D'ni game just fine with Fate Core. Unwritten is just tuned to the Myst universe and its themes.

Basically, the big differences are:
  • The Skill list is different
  • Aspects can be tagged to ask questions
  • Refreshes aren't done between sessions but rather in a sort of 'interlude' scene
  • Emphasis on stunts that are locations, items or contacts
  • Milestone rolls which happen between Chapters that allow characters to do large projects
  • Stress tracks are re-envisioned as stress counters you can spend (they work identically, but they are explained differently
  • Milestones (as in Fate Core) aren't called out as separate entities but rather considered part of the flow of dramatic time
  • Changes in terminology: Scenarios become Chapters, Story Arcs become Books, success with style becomes excel,

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