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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:40 am 
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I have no GM experience, so I am doubtful that I could even write a scenario. However, the name pretty much says it all. "Corruption and deceit in the Guild of Tax Preparers."

"We here at H&R DUNNY (deliberately using that pronunciation) want to prepare your taxes in the most ethical and professional manner possible. We have several locations throughout the cavern, and look forward to serving you in the most ethical and professional manner possible." Or at least, that is what H&R DUNNY wants you to believe. The reality is that inside the iconic BRIGHT GREEN HUTS, hidden from the clients, lies a world of dog eat dog backstabbing do anything for a commission hungry wolves wearing suits.

<rant mode on> I have seen quite a few examples in real life, having worked for a certain tax preparation mill whose name I shall not mention, but whose employees work in a simple plain BRIGHT GREEN BOX. The reason is that BRIGHT GREEN BOX pays preparers by commission. The more forms, the more the cost to prepare the return, thus the more the commission, but also, the more work for the preparers. Refund loans were a new product at the time, and had usurious interest rates, and awesomely high commissions! My opinion was that it was better to wait a few more weeks for a higher refund than to take out a 1 week loan at 200% APR to take a nice bite out of it. And that was a LOW one. I saw some at 500%. It's a lot more regulated now, but back then it was total cutthroat. I also tried to explain to clients that getting a one time fat refund was giving the government an interest free loan of your money, and that it would be better to get a smaller refund, and have more money out of each paycheck to make budgeting easier. Most clients didn't want to hear that message. The fat refund concept was one that was driven so hard into people that it was virtually unshakable. We were told early on that if our commissions did not put us above our base salaries, we would not be asked to come back next tax season. I was not asked to come back next tax season. <rant mode off>

Curiously, when I worked for independent ones, as a computer consultant, the few that I did work for were always on good terms with the others, and gladly recommended me to more. Or maybe not so curiously, as they were paid directly by their clients, and not by commission.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:47 am 

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I've had another idea, and I'm working on an setting I like to call "D'ni Noir":

"Remember when crime and catching criminals was simple? Okay, not simple really but simpler. At least the laws of physics made damn sense. Now we have these books where people can pop up anywhere. Makes everything much more complex. I'm a cop, LAPD, special 'linking book' division."

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:52 pm 
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You'd like this snippet from our Glimpses page, then-

Sergeant Galaviz watched the camera footage for what must have been the twentieth time. He watched the man in the ski mask smash the display cases and load the jewelry into a bag. When the lights from the patrol cars flashed from outside the building, the man calmly set up a trash can in the middle of the floor, filled it with papers and set it ablaze. He pulled a book from his bag and held it over the fire. He put his hand on the book, and vanished. The book fell from mid-air into the fire, bursting into flames and setting off the sprinkler systems.

Sgt. Galaviz swore to himself and rewound the tape for look number 21.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:24 am 
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My first campaign is going to be where a third Bahro faction has emerged, the type who just wants to end the civil war.
These Bahro have created a trail of clues leading in the end to a mysterious force able to end the war on an age called Tri'ane.

I even have a scene planned out:
The man takes down his hood, revealing an outrageous afro and an outrageous pair of sunglasses. "You think you can dance?!" he says suddenly, "Because if you want my help you've got to out-disco Spuuunky Samuel!"

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 11:05 am 

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I'd like to run a game set shortly after the fall of D'ni, where the player characters are survivors who fled into an age that managed to avoid being infected with the plague. This age is not currently inhabited, but once was - by a thriving D'ni household with multiple (possibly illegal) books, no less. Aware they cannot return, they must work to survive in their new prison, explore to find resources, investigate to discover the age's secrets, perhaps even write a new page of D'ni's history...

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