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Author:  LordHeru [ Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Epistolary Chronicle

So one of the gaming formats that I think might be something worth looking into is the epistolary one, or letter writing campaign. Basically, the campaign progresses through the player characters sharing letters to each other. Its not so much directly going on an adventure, but rather about writing to another about the adventure that the character just went on. Through these journals the timeline of the campaign moves forwards, puzzles are discussed and then solved, and adventurers are planned and documented.

There are great benefits to being in such a campaign. Since gaming is through letter format, players do not need to be near each other. In fact, players don't even need to schedule their free time to be at the same time as others. As long as one contributes at least one letter in a week, the game can move forward without delay. In fact, when players need to take a hiatus because of real life, say vacation or work, then the last letter they write could be an in universe explanation of their absence - "So I am about to use the linking book we recently discussed, I may be away for a while" or "...help me, I am being followed by some mysterious foe, I am going to retreat to my place of protection, I will contact you when its safe. And remember, a blue sky is above and a green earth is below."

Anyway, I would really like to discuss such a possibility with all of you. Both as it pertains to Myst Universe campaigns and also how it can be related to Unwritten. And maybe, if some interest is created, we could conceive of some sort of letter writing campaign to be had. :)

Campaign Concept

A bunch of people from all over the world - or the states - have come into contact with artifacts of the D'ni, including knowledge of the symbols that make the Art possible. Though at first they all thought they were alone, some discrete inquiries on the internet has put the characters into contact with each other and a subculture that seems to be aware of the hidden history of the world. What will one do, what will one learn, now that you have discovered you are not alone! To keep your identity secret - and your person safe - you have decided to use mystery names and hidden emails to communicate with others.

There are many ways to take this plot...
-One of the people you contact dissapears, but not before sending you and a bunch of others a message hinting at something greater occurring.
-By discovering the secrets of the Art you are trying to uncover better and greater ways to Write, those that could help you learn new symbols request some help in return.
-Reading a famous literary book from a living author has you intrigued, it seems some of what they write about is actually accurate as far as the Art is considered.

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